Wednesday, October 05, 2011

pre preview for Matt and Megan

 Forgive me for this rushed presentation, but I had to get something up for Megan to see!  This is a small taste of a preview.  I'm out the door in about 5 hours for a Florida Studio B!, but we had a such a great time  with Megan and Matt.

 Proof that I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like these two....I rode this thing.
 If you've never had the pleasure of riding the ferris wheel on top of the City Museum in St Louis, it has two speeds: STOPPED and HAULING #*%!.

 Take note of the image above.  That's Tom.  I had just met Tom.  I gave Tom a camera to use for a spell.  We'll be posting a "Tom Gallery" soon.  Awesome.
More to come.
Browers Photography
(michael & lajuanna)

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